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Saturday, November 25th, 2006
9:21 am - My Shame
sissyjeri Obviously I am greatly aroused by feelings of shame, humiliation, and embarassment - that is why I show my face in my pictures as well as my arousal. I hope someone I know sees me and has me submit to them or else. sissyjeri

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Saturday, March 19th, 2005
9:17 pm - Bastard
truebastard well that was a fucking good day.
lets recap.

1.I got a blowjob.

I hate myself.
I'm putting her through a lot of shit.
She wanted a relationship, I read the signals wrong, though it was just a blowjob.
I'm very mind fucked about how i could do this shit, not just to another human being, But someone i care about.

Thursday night, she had been taking the mick all day and insulting me, and the size of my penis.
Then i sat down beside her as it was the only seat. after watching Tv for a while, she puts her hand over and starts running it up my leg, thinking it would shut her up, i let her continue, soon she was rubbing my full hardon through my trousers. I went to get a drink, and she went to bed. I though no more about it. went to sleep on the sofa.
Got up the next day, skipped school, and later in the day, we had the house to ourselves. She asked if i wanted to continue last night, so I went up thinking we would just talk for a while or something. I never thougt anything would happen. She asked me what i wanted, and from the Mindfuck i had recived earlier in the week, and the lack of sleep, asking for a blowjob sounded like a good idea. So i said it, half joking. She goes ok, so i lay down on the bed, thinking she wouldn't do it. she told me i could watch, so she put a pillow over my head. I though she was gonna hit me, leave the room or something.
neededless to say, I came in her mouth.
After that she ran out to the bathroom, I waited on her to she what was wrongbut when she came out, she went straigh past me
fuck, i'll post the rest later.

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Friday, May 14th, 2004
2:42 pm - Invitation

Confess now and know peace. Or condemnation!

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2:40 pm - Statement of purpose and Rating System

Shame_Lions is a community to discuss the things you've done that you're ashamed of. Using our unique Shame Points grading system, we will help you to know exactly how shameful your actions are. This will be enormously helpful to you, since you want have to spend lots of pointless time soul searching about whether you did the wrong thing and just how wrong it was.

Obviously Shame_Lions can replace any religious beliefs you have or alternately be used to augment them. That choice is yours.

The Shame Points rating system:

1-15: Not very shameful. You could smooth this over with a smile and a shrug.

16-30: Slightly shameful. You should probably at least pretend to apologize.

31-45: Shameful. You need to sincerely apologize to all involved parties.

46-60: Very shameful. You not only need to sincerely apologize to those you've wronged, you need to apologize to your loved ones for embarrassing them with your actions. Think about how your actions affect others.

61-75: Extremely Shameful. You should apologize to everyone and the lie low for a while. The more people see of you, the more inclined they'll be to remember what you did. You should certainly spend a lot of time thinking about what you've done. Revenge is no doubt being plotted against you.

76-85: Horribly shameful. People are going to hate you for what you did. They will probably forgive you eventually, but they'll never forget. Full apologies, substantial exile, spend a lot of time reminding yourself what an asshole you are. You are deserving of extreme revenge.

86-95: Grotesquely shameful. The only way to repent is to hurt yourself the way you have hurt others. Your self-flagellation must now become physical. Hurt yourself. Destroy your life. Walk the streets of a foreign city, your acid-scarred face pointed to the ground, mumbling how sorry, oh, how very sorry you are. Die alone.

96-100: Life-endingly shameful. You have dishonored yourself and those who associate with you. All the good you've done in life is nothing compared to the pain and resentment and heartache you've caused. It's best for everyone if you're gone.

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